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Paint the Fence

Paint the Fence

“Give me a prompt, any prompt, and I bet I can make a successful game out of it!”

What began as your typical bet at a bar ended up getting follow through, eventually becoming Paint the Fence. This is one of my most favorite games developed by my studio, Hero Interactive. In it, you have just a few seconds to paint, well… you know… the fence. Seems easy, right? Well it gets pretty ridiculous pretty fast. On top of giving you some goofy situations (painting a chain link fence with a paintball gun), you also at times have to deal with the challenges of changing colors, dodging obstacles, and making sense of the prompts with no notice.

It also featured some quirky side games such as earning stickers which you can then try to find hidden throughout the levels in the game. Doing so unlocks new levels and other rewards!

By the way, the game WAS successful! Not only did it garner many millions of views, it also got the attention of Frito Lay. Working with Kongregate, the game engine was used to spin off an advergame, Paint by Cheeto, whereby the players would deface works of art with the famous cheesy snack.