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# Project Management

    Manager in the Trenches – Part 4 (Bugtober)

    Don't do this.

    Looks Good to Me

    I found a bug.

    Manager in the Trenches – Part 2 (Bugtober)

    You can do it team! I just know you can!

    Looking for a Challenge (Bugtober)

    I want growth opportunities but not THIS opportunity.

    Engineering Hours (Bugtober)
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    Quality is important.

    Manager in the Trenches – Part 1 (Bugtober)
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    Mind if I get an update real quick?

    Scrum Master

    Long may she reign.


    Don't be a Cavemanager.

    We Shipped a Thing
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    To me, every feature launch feels like the control room at the end of Apollo 13

    Meeting Inception
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    We've gotta go deeper.