Some of the sites I frequent...


Strengths and Weaknesses
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Crushed that interview tho.

Bob’s Turkey Farm
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They mostly get paid in stock options.

Sprint Isn’t Over
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We've still got time...

Phone Distraction
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Am I the only person that has done this?

Look at That (Bugtober)

And that's a wrap for Bugtober! Whew!

Post Launch Bugs (Bugtober)

We made this comic months ago but it ended up feeling pretty timely for me!

Never Launch on Friday (Bugtober)
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I think by now we all know not to do this, right? RIGHT?!

New Job, Old Problems
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It's also a blessing — having solved a problem once you're in a great position to help your next team out!

Bug Burndown (Bugtober)
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Great progress everyone!

Manager in the Trenches – Part 4 (Bugtober)
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Don't do this.