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We Shipped a Thing

To me, every feature launch feels like the control room at the end of Apollo 13

World Map

So many adventures just waiting to be explored...

Arthur (Maybe) Gets Promoted

Has someone at least interviewed the guy?

Meeting Inception

We've gotta go deeper.

Balancing the Job

Happy Friday, Atlas

A Good Day

I always start my day with a mug of optimism.

Promotion Plan

Why didn't I think about this sooner?

Show Me Your Dog

Happens all the time.

Career Ladder

Oh hey, what's this?

Hope Someone Sees This

You've got one message to send, what would you waste it on?

Covid Office

Someday when we return to the office...

Take Your Kids to Work Day

Now that I WFH, my kids are no longer impressed...

Add it to the Backlog

We really oughta clean up that thing

Tough Feedback

Giving tough feedback can be tough...

Chair Indentation

What will my Apple Watch have to say about this?

Exactly as Planned

Everything goes perfect, pretty much every time...

I Pooped!

Hey HR? My kids are TOTALLY unprofessional!

One Productive Week

Your team's one shot to deliver on those Q4 roadmap goals...

Road Trip

Are we almost there yet?

November Reading

Recreating the Office Experience

Just trying to bring some normalcy back to these Covid times.

Seeing Signs

We don't see the future, we just build it.

No Opportunities

If only someone would give me a chance to help out...

Currently Reading Oct 2020…

  • BIG Updates Coming Soon!

    Expect a lot more content starting Nov 10th, 2020!

  • New Comics Every Tuesday!

    One of the biggest changes: new comics to be released every Tuesday!

Work Harder!

First, make sure you're headed in the right direction...

Debug Data

Good luck trying to sift through the output log.

My Body

Why did this have to be my super power?

Dear Job Seekers

Brutal advice and suggestions on getting that job.

Presenting at MP ’16!

  • We are live!

    Check out the very first article on Getting Started!

War Commander: Rogue Assault

C# Mobile Programming Team Management Unity3D


Game Design Production Team Management

Dead Metal

Art (2d Gameplay) Game Design Production Team Management

Bubble Tanks 3

ActionScript 3 (Programming) Game Design PHP (Programming) Programming Team Management

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Creating the Best

Paint the Fence Title
Vector Boom

ActionScript 3 (Programming) Art (2d Gameplay) Game Design Production Team Management

Pirate Defense

ActionScript 3 (Programming) Art (2d Gameplay) Game Design Production Team Management

Star Shine Feature Image