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    Obstacle Course (Bugtober)
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    It sometimes feels like this.

    Automated Testing (Bugtober)
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    We'll just run the testing suite quick, shouldn't be too bad...

    The Ancient Place (Bugtober)
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    We'll get to that later.

    Non-Competing Genie

    I've even heard of QA folks being blocked from employment at other companies due to non-competes.

    EVBMCS: Palpatine

    Pop culture villains really haven't been good managers. This first case study examines Emperor Palpatine.

    Reverse Escape Room

    Can we go back to the office yet? Still no? Wait, yes but with masks?

    Team Building for Torturers – Pt 2

    You gotta take care of yourself.

    Team Building For Torturers
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    When it comes to the team building budget, you use it or lose it.

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    Don't be a Cavemanager.

    Any Questions For Me?

    See my article, "Dear Job Seekers"