Some of the sites I frequent...

Project Management

Date Slip

No project is so far behind that you should chokey grip someone to death.

Fair Punishment

Are you a morning person?

Sprint Isn’t Over

We've still got time...

Look at That (Bugtober)

And that's a wrap for Bugtober! Whew!

Never Launch on Friday (Bugtober)

I think by now we all know not to do this, right? RIGHT?!

Bug Burndown (Bugtober)

Great progress everyone!

Manager in the Trenches – Part 4 (Bugtober)

Don't do this.

Looks Good to Me

I found a bug.

Manager in the Trenches – Part 2 (Bugtober)
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You can do it team! I just know you can!

Looking for a Challenge (Bugtober)

I want growth opportunities but not THIS opportunity.

Engineering Hours (Bugtober)

Quality is important.

Bug Severity (Bugtober)
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I'm sure it'll be fine...

Scrum Master
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Long may she reign.

Your Ad Here
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All-hands is where the real $$$ is.

We Shipped a Thing

To me, every feature launch feels like the control room at the end of Apollo 13

Meeting Inception

We've gotta go deeper.

A Good Day
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I always start my day with a mug of optimism.

Show Me Your Dog

Happens all the time.

Hope Someone Sees This

You've got one message to send, what would you waste it on?

Spec’s New Tattoo

Do I have to re-read the whole doc now?

The Never Ending Meeting

You may be in one right now!

Add it to the Backlog

We really oughta clean up that thing

Completion Date

Depends on how long Pharaoh lives...

Overreaching Octopus

Why do I try to do everything at once?

Exactly as Planned

Everything goes perfect, pretty much every time...

One Productive Week
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Your team's one shot to deliver on those Q4 roadmap goals...

Road Trip
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Are we almost there yet?

Seeing Signs
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We don't see the future, we just build it.

Work Harder!
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First, make sure you're headed in the right direction...

I’m a Spec!

I'm a Spec! We'll get through this together!

Getting Started

Often, getting started is the hardest part.