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Office Use Only

Date Slip

Faustian Bargain

Minion Market

While You Were Away
Meeting of Elrond

Managing Others

Post-Covid Collaboration
Substitute Manager
Greg’s Changed
Now Firing

Promotion Aspirations

Want to Play?
Feedback Requested
Remind Me of Myself
Extreme Anchoring
Fair Punishment

Guess Your Pay


Ergonomic Keyboard

Office Masseuse

Life Coach

Candy Trail

Strengths and Weaknesses

Bob’s Turkey Farm
Sprint Isn’t Over

Brilliant Monday

Phone Distraction

Look at That (Bugtober)

Post Launch Bugs (Bugtober)

Never Launch on Friday (Bugtober)

New Job, Old Problems

Bug Burndown (Bugtober)

Manager in the Trenches – Part 4 (Bugtober)

Reproduction Steps (Bugtober)

Contributing to Safety (Bugtober)

Manager in the Trenches – Part 3 (Bugtober)

Looks Good to Me
Manager in the Trenches – Part 2 (Bugtober)

Looking for a Challenge (Bugtober)

Engineering Hours (Bugtober)

They Found the Internet

Just an Artist (Bugtober)
Manager in the Trenches – Part 1 (Bugtober)
Obstacle Course (Bugtober)

Bug Severity (Bugtober)

Automated Testing (Bugtober)

The Ancient Place (Bugtober)

Working Remote