Some of the sites I frequent...

# Bad Ideas

Faustian Bargain

What price have you paid?

Minion Market

That was the only guy on the team that understood half their systems...

Managing Others

Before you can manage others, first learn to manage yourself.

Post-Covid Collaboration

Real estate isn't getting any cheaper...

Ergonomic Keyboard

Instantly removes the pain in your ass!

Sprint Isn’t Over

We've still got time...

Never Launch on Friday (Bugtober)

I think by now we all know not to do this, right? RIGHT?!

Manager in the Trenches – Part 4 (Bugtober)

Don't do this.

Reproduction Steps (Bugtober)

I'm... sorry for this one.

Bug Severity (Bugtober)

I'm sure it'll be fine...

Promotion Plan — Part 2

This guy is just full of great ideas

Promotion Plan

Why didn't I think about this sooner?