Some of the sites I frequent...

# Bugs

Post Launch Bugs (Bugtober)
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We made this comic months ago but it ended up feeling pretty timely for me!

New Job, Old Problems
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It's also a blessing — having solved a problem once you're in a great position to help your next team out!

Bug Burndown (Bugtober)
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Great progress everyone!

Reproduction Steps (Bugtober)
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I'm... sorry for this one.

Looks Good to Me
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I found a bug.

Manager in the Trenches – Part 2 (Bugtober)
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You can do it team! I just know you can!

Looking for a Challenge (Bugtober)

I want growth opportunities but not THIS opportunity.

Engineering Hours (Bugtober)

Quality is important.

They Found the Internet

How long before they're calling each other Hitler?

Bug Severity (Bugtober)

I'm sure it'll be fine...