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# Recruiting

Minion Market

That was the only guy on the team that understood half their systems...

Remind Me of Myself

Resist the bias to hire or mentor people that remind you of yourself — not only will others miss out, but YOU will miss out on the opportunity to learn and grow from other's fresh perspectives!

Guess Your Pay

Imagine a world where you knew the pay ranges for job postings BEFORE you applied, phone screened, and interviewed...

Strengths and Weaknesses

Crushed that interview tho.

Just an Artist (Bugtober)

Obstacle Course (Bugtober)

It sometimes feels like this.

Job Requirements

It's difficult to quantify what makes YOU awesome.

Any Questions For Me?

See my article, "Dear Job Seekers"

Then and Now

At first it's important to say 'Yes', later it's important to say 'No'...