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#Team Management

War Commander: Rogue Assault

Featured! An action packed, beautiful looking strategy game on mobile!


Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 was my last project with Hero Interactive.

Dead Metal
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Face off against endless waves of enemy warships in this action packed shooter!

Star Forge

Defend yourself in this tower defense game, where your only resource is time!


Featured! The best online zoo game ever created!

SW: The Mary Reed Chronicles
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A story driven adventure in the StormWinds universe.

Bubble Tanks 3
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Bubble Tanks 3 continued the popular series with endless content!

Jimmy Bubblegum
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A quick and stylish shooter game with a whimsical look.

Vector Boom

Click and drag to create massive explosions. Boom!

Pirate Defense

Pirate Defense is a tower defense game with a twist: traps!